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If you are confused as what to gift for bridal shower, than here's a solution to all your problems. Refer to our list of gift ideas for bridal shower and choose your present according to your budget.

Gift Ideas for Bridal Shower

Bridal Showers are special occasions meant especially for the bride. It is basically meant to make a formal announcement of marriage from bride's side and also to gather people for blessing the would-be bride. It is a tradition that the bridal shower are not planned and hosted by the parents of the bride. This occasion is only to be hosted by the friends and relative of the bride. It is a very special occasion for a bride as she is treated as a princess and blessed with all the goodies in the world.

Bridal Shower- How this trend came in being?
There is a very interesting tale about the beginning of bridal shower. It is said that this occasion was first of all hosted by friends and relatives of a couple who didn't have the money to marry. This occasion helped them gather all the important items that were required to begin a marital life. Apart from this, the bride was blessed by all the people who came there and thus she began her journey as a bride on a very auspicious note. Since then this occasion is celebrated for the happy beginning of a new life.

Bridal Shower- How is it celebrated?
Bridal Shower is now like a party thrown by someone outside the immediate family of the bride. It is generally held in some club or banquet halls with lots of open space. Traditional rituals, if any are performed. The would-be bride is then blessed by all the elderly in the function. She is also gifted with all the items that would help her begin her marital life on a happy note.

Gifts for Bridal Shower