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Here are list of Gift ideas you can opt for baby shower occasion. Depending on your budget you can choose the option.

Baby Shower Gifts

According to the traditions only the non-relatives and friends of the expected baby can host the baby showers. At some places this tradition is still prevalent, however at most of the places the traditions have changed and now the even the family members and close relatives host the event. This occasion is basically a get together to let the expecting mother get a lot of good wishes and for a prayer for the safe and auspicious arrival of the baby. It is generally held one or two months before the delivery date. The ceremony is generally hosted at home but some times also at a restaurant or a banquet hall.

Baby Shower- Why is it celebrated?
The basic motive behind its celebration is to create a happy ambience for the expecting mother and her baby, so that there us a happy delivery. Apart from this, it is also a way to publicly welcome the new member of the family. It is also an occasion to gather blessings for the arriving baby and her mother. It is a basically a way to share an important happiness with everybody around.

Baby Shower-How is it celebrated?
Generally a big hall is booked for the occasion. Prayers are performed and all the auspicious traditional rituals are held with a wish of happy arrival of the baby. The expecting mother is blessed by all the elderly and gifted with auspicious items and tips for safer and happy delivery. A grand feast is also held in order to welcome the newbie in the family.

Gifts for Baby Shower