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Looking for reason to celebrate? Here are list of holidays for celebration and unique gift & gift basket ideas for each of the special days.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

When we thought about making someone feel special, usually the birthday or marriage anniversary hits our mind. But there are many other special occasions on which you can make people feel that you care for them. We celebrate particular days like Father's day, Mother's day and Grandparent's day to make our near and dear ones feel out of the ordinary. Through these occasions, we not only spend some extra time with our family, but also strengthen our bonding with each other. We can make such occasions and holidays memorable by giving nice, unique gifts. In this section of gift ideas, we have presented some unique ideas for presents for special occasions and holidays.

Boss Day
Our boss is a person with whom sometimes we are very comfortable and at times, very apprehensive. Boss day is the time when we can gift him some nice items like branded pens, wallets, electronic diary, good calculator, etc, to make him feel special.

Christmas represents cheerful celebration. At this occasion, we usually gift our family members the things which they require. However, chocolates, cakes and cookies are the generic gifts that people give on Christmas.

Easter is a joyous occasion celebrating the resurrection of Christ. During Easter, people give gourmet gift baskets, chocolate bunnies, personalized Easter wreaths, jewelry, flowers, centerpiece for the Easter table, etc, as gifts to near and dear ones.

Father Day
It's a day to celebrate the importance of father in life. You can gift your father nice designer shirt, leather wallet, paperweight, best-seller novels, CD's of some good-old-classics, any fitness equipment, electronic gadgets, membership of Spa, etc.

Friendship Day
Friends occupy a vast portion in life, so making them feel special is really good. You can gift watch, key rings, pen stand, telephone index, electronic notebook, chocolates, candies, cookies, a bunch of flowers, etc, to your friends.

Grandparents Day
Probably as we grow up, we tend to spend less time with our grandparents. So, it's a day to commemorate our grandparents. Gift them something which shows your concern for them, like Body Massager, Exercising equipments according to their age, books liked by them, music collection, etc. You can also arrange a short trip to a destination for your grandparents.

Like this occasion, the gifts given should be scary i.e. corresponding to its theme. So, gifts like gold chains with scary pendants, bizarre showpieces, CD's of horror movies, suspense novels, etc, can make a good choice on Halloween.

Mothers Day
It's a time to celebrate your mom. The best way to celebrate her day is to let her relax while rest of the family does the work. You can present her something, which she wants to buy and you can afford it. You can gift her jewelry, clothing, her favorite collection of music, cosmetics, perfumes, fashion accessories, etc.

New Year
It's the time when we wish for the upcoming year to be full of peace and happiness. So, on this occasion, you can gift things whatever you find useful for a particular person. Otherwise, some generic gifts could be a nice calendar, wall clock, paperweight, etc.

Parents Day
Make this day unforgettable for your parents by treating them in a special manner. You can plan a family outing to some nice place, or else gift them tickets for a new release romantic movie. If you budget allows, gift them a trip to some beautiful destination. Otherwise, you can also gift them flowers, chocolates, set of wrist watches, novels, home appliances, etc.

Passover gift items mainly comprise of artistic and functional items like Seder and Matzah plates, Silver plated Elijah and Miriams' cups, Haggadahs Holder, Hand-embroidered matzah cover, Passover cookbook, Matzah box, Matzah tray, Star of David wrapped soaps, Beeswax candles, Jewish religious books, etc.

It is the time for celebration and to offer thanks and gratitude to our near & dear ones. According to age of the person, you can give various things like chocolates, designer pens, clothes, books, fitness equipments, membership to health clubs & sports clubs, etc.

Valentine Day
It's a day to celebrate your love. To girls, you can gift things like jewelry, clothes, stylish lingerie, designer sleepwear, chocolates, perfumes, watch, etc. However, things like wallets, clothes, CD's of romantic songs, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc, are great for boys.

Personalized gifts add a personal touch to any occasion. So, by investing some time, you can make cherishable gifts for your loved ones. It is not necessary that your gift has to expensive, but it is important that your gift should be straight from your heart.