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Passover is the oldest and most important religious festival in Judaism. It is time for family get together and celebration. The day is marked with warm wishes, gifts and a special meal called a Seder.

Passover Gift Ideas

Celebrated around April, Passover is one of several Jewish festivals which begin with a spring clean for the house. Jews clean everything to perfection and all of the yeast is removed from houses. Closely associated with Jewish history, this festival has lot to do with memories.

A festival of importance in Jewish calendar, Passover commemorates Jewish exodus from Egypt. As per the traditions, the festival starts at sunset on the 14th of Nisan (usually in March or April). It is the beginning of seven-day celebration which includes the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Exchange of Gifts
Jews exchange gifts with one another on this occasion. Gifts serve as a way of expressing love and regard. Passover gift items mainly include artistic and functional items such as
Other gifts items, which one can opt for are Jewish religious books, religious symbols, religious items, jewelry, music, books, kosher gift basket, Judaica greeting cards, Passover and other Fine Art Prints. For babies who are having their first Passover, baby products could be sent as gifts. Jews tend to avoid food items as gifts.

Meal of Sedar
A communal meal called Sedar is one of the focal points of celebrations. It is a 15-step ritual based on the Haggadah, a book which describes the traditional instructions and prayers in detail. It is an occasion when families and friends get together and take meal collectively. It is customary to invite guests to share the Seder meal, especially newcomers to the community. Seder meal in most Jewish homes is an elaborate feast, with food, games for the children. The elders tell children the story of Exodus.

A jar of salt water and wine are compulsory items on the Seder table. Wine is drunk for the God's blessing at least four times during the meal. Drinking of wine is symbolic. The first sip is to remind of God's promise to provide, another is to remind them of God's promise to set them free, third is to remind them of God's promise to give them a land of their own while the fourth is to remind them of his promise to take the Jews as his chosen people. Salt water symbolizes the tears shed by the Jews as slaves. Jews, in Sedar meal, dip the karpas and the egg into the water before eating.

Just More than Festival
Passover is really more than festival. It is an elaborate teaching experience, especially for the children. It helps Jews connect to their history and preserve their own distinct identity. It is an occasion of a get together for the family and helps the family members stay connected with one another.