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Giving gifts and wishing your near and dear ones on New Year's Day is a popular tradition. It's a wonderful way to start a year sharing your love and concern for the persons you care the most. Here are some gift ideas to make your New Year celebration more exciting and fun filled.

New Year's Day Gift Ideas

New Year symbolises a renewal of life. It is the celebration for the regeneration, while discarding the old and worn out. Practices of welcoming new year, though modified through the centuries, yet maintain the distinctive strains. Exchanging gifts is quite an old way of welcoming New Year.

Exchange of Gifts
Giving gifts and wishing one another is a popular tradition. It is of course a nice way to start the year with your loved ones. What you choose as New Year gifts depends on whom you are giving it. The gifts are an expression of love, concern and good times you have shared together and acts as lucky charm for the coming future. These inculcate the feeling of being loved, which is so important.

Choice of Gifts
You could choose a theme based gift or something inspiring for your friend or relatives. The gift could be anything related to a new hobby or interest that your friend has just started or it could be an inspirational gift encouraging one to have a fresh beginning. Actually, there are no special gifts for New Year's Day. Your choice depends on how how you look at it.

Way of Gifting
It is your way of gifting which makes a simple gift look special. As it is said, feelings behind a gift make it distinct. Your perception and creative instinct make an ordinary gift look extraordinary. Some delightful words with a pleasant smile would enhance the joy of the person whom you are gifting.

Show Presence of Mind
You must show some presence of mind while selecting a gift. For example you can gift your friend who is out of shape a workout gear for the gym or some motivational videos on how to lose weight. You can even buy him or her a membership to a good gym or a membership for a weight loss program. You can inspire someone who doesn't go for jogging by buying a tracksuit and a pair of jogging shoes. You could buy for a studious friend a membership to a good library where he could spend quality time. A little presence of mind will increase the utility of the gift.

Gift Baskets
For giving usual gifts, you could opt for gift baskets with an assemblage of assorted items like cookies, chocolates, dry fruits, wine bottles, gourmet snacks etc. Even a good Champaign bottle could be a nice New Year gift. You can even gift instructional videos on cooking, language, exercise and travel. Health conscious people could be gifted with cooking books with recipes of low calorie food or a basket of fresh organic produce and other healthy treats. For people who are fond of cultural programs, you could buy tickets to the theater, opera, symphony or sporting events.